Friday, 16 September 2011

Blogs and film companies...

I’VE got a new blog care of Bey Logan, the former editor of Combat Magazine and now Hong Kong film director and documentary maker.

The blog platform – where you can read blogs from the movie starts of the Hong Kong film industry as well as Bey’s own blog – is called alivenotdead.

Will be doing my first entry next week – so check it out and of course Bey’s own blog.

Sooooo busy…

Have you ever noticed how times flies – far too quickly!

As you might be aware we are launching a new online-streaming TV company alongside our partners 10th Legion and Dapper Grappler Film Company.

I’ve never been so busy in my life and seem to be surviving on only one or two hours sleep at night. But it will all be worth it to see the project come to life…

And once its running at full speed it will be a brilliant new outlet for the combat sports world.

We started Martial News because quite often the mainstream media just ignore martial arts, or at best oft treat them as some quirky activity to be treated in the same realm as Morris Dancing.

Now – along with our partners – we’ve set up a dedicated TV channel for martial arts and combat sports.

And it’s completely free!

If you want to support what we are doing then tune in and see the hot action…

For further information on DFM visit: or e-mail Phil Doherty at

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